Smart Home Part 1: Your Kitchen

Smart technology has come a long way in recent years, and you can now utilize all kinds of gadgets and products to make your life more comfortable and convenient. While you probably carry around a smartphone during the day and utilize things like tablets and Bluetooth speakers at home, there are a number of smart technologies that you may want to consider working into your kitchen. Whether you have a kitchen remodeling project coming up or you simply want to make some improvements to your kitchen that make it more modern and livable, let’s talk about some kitchen smart home technologies that you can invest in.

Tablet with smart home app on wooden table, geometric background with connected line and dots showing internet of things system over modern kitchen

Smart Speaker

There are all kinds of smart speakers on the market right now, and they come with different features. One of the most popular ones is Alexa for Amazon, but there are alternatives. A smart speaker gives you the opportunity to speak a command out loud, and your gadget will respond accordingly. Depending on what kind of smart speaker you have, you may want to ask it to play some music while you cook. There may be a cooking measurement conversion that you would like to ask, or your baking may prompt you to want to reorder one of your frequently bought items off Amazon. This piece of technology eliminates having to stop what you’re doing to wash your hands, pick up your phone and scroll to get what you want.

Smart Home Hub

Essentially a control center for your home, a Smart Home Hub is a module that you can place somewhere in your kitchen and control different aspects of your home. This can include your security devices, wireless cameras, thermostat, lights, electronic shades and so much more. As long as you’ve taken the time to hook your smart devices up to your hub, you’ll be able to control everything from that one location. This smart home gadget makes you want to invest in all kinds of smart technology so you can control your entire home with a few taps on your screen!

Shop online using a smart speaker. Grocery and food delivery at home.

Smart Refrigerator

Smart refrigerators are a lot of fun, and they offer a new kind of aesthetic to your home. You’ve probably seen one on display at a store that’s local to you. They’re so much more than just a refrigerator with a touch screen on the front. Sure, you can compile a grocery list or jot down a note for someone else to see, but you can also see what’s inside of your refrigerator without opening the door, control the interior settings, look up recipes, and monitor the expiration dates of some of your most commonly used items! It’s really a convenient appliance to have in your kitchen setup.

side view of smiling couple with smartphone looking away together in kitchen, smart home concept

Voice Commands

There are some different features in your kitchen that you can hook up to voice commands. There are smart kitchen faucets that will respond to your voice, allowing you to conveniently turn the water on to wash your hands without having to grab onto the handle. You can also set up voice commands for your smart speaker. Ask for a quick recipe, keep an ongoing list of items you need at the grocery store or even check the weather outside so you know what to plan next for your day.

Smart Lights

No longer do you simply have the option of flipping your kitchen lights on or off. You can use smart lights to completely change this setting. You can have them set to turn on by way of motion (as long as your light fixtures allow), they can adjust according to the natural light coming into your home, they can be turned on and off using an app on your smartphone and they can connect to your central smart hub. As we mentioned, you will have to invest in smart compatible lighting in order for this type of technology to work but there are a lot of options out there.

Smart kitchen controlled by tablet smart home hub.

If you would like to learn more about how you can use smart technology in your kitchen setup, reach out to us here at BK Martin. We would be happy to provide you with some information on the different features you can have in your own home, making the use of your kitchen that much more convenient and enjoyable. We can be reached on our website at and phone, (804)-554-1013.