Achieving a cozy kitchen in winter

Winter in Virginia can be very grey and dull time, use these quick tips to help you navigate achieving the cozy winter kitchen of your dreams.

Focal Points

Common Kitchen focal points include backsplashes, appliances, or countertops. Keeping things neutral allows for more versatility in decorating . Other features/objects in the room should complement and not compete with the decided focal point(s). A balance of calming colors, both dark and light, can be used to work together to entice guests to stay and relax.

Tile can dramatically change the look of a space, used for backsplash or flooring this design element completes and ties together all the other accents and elements. The color and cut will be decided based off the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Incorporating and utilizing wood is one of the best ways to warm and cozy up any space. Wood of different textures and colors brings an eclectic feel that is sometimes hard to achieve these days with standard construction grade builds. Wood is versatile can be used on a large scale such as kitchen islands, cabinets or even walls, as well as on small scales such as cutting boards, sculptures, or wall art.

Additional features

Bringing in warm tones is a no brainer when it comes to making a space cozy. This can be accomplished by creating an exposed brick accent wall or incorporating leather seating arrangements. Exposed wood beams draw your eyes upward making any space seem larger and more detailed.

Create a seasonal drink bar including either coffee, hot cocoa, tea, or all the above for you or your family and friends. This is a versatile component that can be changed to each season respectively


Adding a rug or runner to your kitchen will both look and feel comfortable as well as introducing cozy textures.

Lighting makes all the difference in terms of how a space makes you feel. Sticking to warm ambient lighting is a sure-fire way to achieve a cozy look. Stark LED lights are cold and uninviting. Under-cabinet lighting is useful and presents an opportunity to highlight any décor that might be on your counter. Twinkle or string lights add a comfortable yet whimsical element to your kitchen as well.

This year, celebrate and enjoy all that comes with winter, including the color pallet!