Going Energy Efficient with your appliances

At the end of every month when you take a look at what your expenses are, it becomes clear that it costs a great deal of money to run your home. From doing laundry in your washing machine to running your refrigerator around the clock, money adds up. The cost of electricity continues to go up as time goes on, and homeowners are looking for a way to save money. That’s where energy efficient appliances come in.

Beautiful kitchen remodel by BK Martin showing refrigerator on right and lots of natural light through glass windows and doors.

What is an Energy Efficient Appliance?

An energy efficient appliance has been designed to use as little amount of electricity as possible. Not only does this reduce your electric bill each month, but you’re reducing your greenhouse emissions footprint. Homes are actually one of the biggest producers of these emissions, which is why using the right appliances makes such a big difference. Plus, who doesn’t want to cut back on their monthly utility bills?

Certain appliances that have been constructed with very specific energy requirements in mind often come with a rebate. You can find out more about what kind of rebates or tax incentives are available for your energy star appliances by visiting https://www.energystar.gov/.

Energy Efficient Appliances and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gases are directly related to climate change. These gases absorb infrared light, which ends up trapping heat inside of our atmosphere. The Earth will continue to emit heat on its surface at an increased rate. Solar energy will enter our atmosphere, but it will not be able to reflect back into space. An energy efficient appliance may not seem like a big deal, but you would be surprised how much an energy star certified dishwasher can reduce energy costs and gas emissions.

Kitchen remodel by BK Martin displaying an island, sink, range, wall oven, and bright natural lighting illuminating the entire kitchen.

Using Less Water

Not only do energy efficient appliances use less electricity, but many of them are designed to use less water. It’s important that we conserve and protect our water sources for future generations but cutting our water use can also reduce our bills. Appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and humidifiers should all be energy efficient as well as use reduced water amounts.

Other Ways to Save

In addition to investing in energy efficient appliances, there are some other small changes that you can make. For example, change the bulbs in your light fixtures to LEDs or CFLs, which can reduce your electrical consumption by as much as fifty percent.

You can also use more cold water than hot water during your day-to-day chores. Whether you’re showering, washing dishes or doing laundry, turn the temperature down to save on electric or gas costs (depending on which power source is hooked up to your hot water heater). You can also take a shorter shower or make it a point to shut off the water coming from your faucet if you’re not in the process of using it. For example, brush your teeth with the water off. Turn it back on when you’re done and need to rinse.

Kitchen by BK Martin showing island and natural lighting from dining room.

Simplifying Your Life

Many energy star appliances have been constructed using very advanced technology that not only makes them efficient, but that also provides unique features. You may be able to get your clothing washed in a shorter amount of time (as well as with less water and electricity). Your dishwasher may be ultra quiet (while using less power). It can sometimes cost a little bit more to purchase one of these appliances, but the benefits far outweigh the investment. Not to mention, the appliances pay for themselves with the money that you save.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When you go shopping for new appliances, you’ll notice that there are many different models to consider. Some of which are extremely large in size. While marketing might make it seem like bigger is always better when it comes to something like a refrigerator or drier, larger equipment almost always consumes more power. If you don’t really need the space, stick with something that is smaller in size and more energy efficient.

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If you’re looking to reduce the amount of money that you spend on your electrical consumption each month and care about your impact on the environment, now might be the time to upgrade your appliances. If you’re in the middle of a remodel and have to choose new equipment for your kitchen or laundry room, we are here to help. Contact BK Martin for some tips on shopping for energy efficient appliances. You can contact us at https://www.bkmartin.com/contact/ or by calling (804)-554-1013.