Child and pet considerations before, during, and after a kitchen remodel

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when you’re planning a kitchen remodel. The primary focus is the overall look and appeal of the final product. People also think about the functionality of the space, storage and how much the remodel will increase the value of the home. It’s also very important to think about a number of health and safety considerations before, during and after a kitchen remodel. If you have pets or children, or plan to at some point in the future, you’ll want to ensure that your new kitchen is a safe place to be. Let’s look at some of the different details to keep in mind.

Kitchen remodeling project by BK Martin keeping safety in mind


In order to prevent children from playing with electrical outlets, there are certain safety products that you can purchase to temporarily cover those outlets so they cannot be accessed. While this is often an effective method of keeping kids (and pets) safe, they can be unsightly and a nuisance to remove when you want to use the outlet. They’re actually very good at keeping adults out of the outlet as well! Instead, consider having special child and pet safe outlets installed in your kitchen.

These child-safe outlets have an extra layer on the top of the traditional outlet that you plug into. In order to gain access to the outlet underneath, you need to physically slide the front panel to the side. This isn’t a process that a very small child would be able to accomplish. A lot of building codes are actually starting to make this a requirement in a new build.


Ventilation is very important in a new kitchen. A range hood that moves smoke, steam, grease, and aromas out of the home can drastically improve indoor air quality. Indoor air quality makes your home smell nice, but it also keeps you and your family healthy. If you have a gas stove, being able to remove those gas fumes quickly is important in regard to safety.

There are a couple of different ventilation options that you have available during your kitchen remodel. An updraft system utilizes a roof or exterior-wall mounted vent to increase ventilation. A downdraft system is built into kitchen equipment and will move fumes outside the home through a ducted system.

Updated kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances featuring a range hood for ventilation

Counter Corners

When it comes time to choose your kitchen countertops, stay away from very sharp corners. While the shape of a counter may not affect you as a grown adult, children and pets tend to be right at the height that puts them at risk of running right into those corners and experiencing an injury. Choose a more rounded design for added protection.


Light fixtures are an important part of the aesthetics of your kitchen, but proper lighting also allows you to see what you’re doing in the kitchen more clearly. This can reduce safety risks and keep kids and pets safer. You also want to ensure that your kitchen is well illuminated throughout so your kids can sit at the table or counter and do their homework or your family can gather comfortably in your new kitchen.

BK Martin works showing a bathroom shower from floor to ceiling with a blue strip in the wall.

Dog Food Storage

Working an area into your kitchen that provides you with dog food storage helps keep dog food fresh and accessible but choosing the right fixtures can also keep your pets out of their food when they don’t need to have access on their own. A unit that closes properly can also keep kids from gaining access to the pet’s food when they’re exploring.

Liquor Storage

When you have kids and pets in your home, a fancy countertop bar isn’t something you should really feature in your kitchen. This poses a very dangerous safety risk if your children or pets were to gain access to the alcohol when you’re not looking. Keep your liquor properly stored away in a locked cabinet or cooler that is part of the design of your kitchen. This will provide you with adequate access when needed, but it keeps others out.

BK Martin works showing a bathroom shower from floor to ceiling with a blue strip in the wall.

If you are interested in planning a kitchen remodel in the near future and would like the input of a company that knows all about safety and functionality, reach out to us here at BK Martin through or by phone at (804)-554-1013. We would be happy to help you design a custom kitchen that is safe for everyone in your household, including your little ones and your pets.