How to use natural lighting in your bathroom

Having natural light in your home can be uplifting and add to the aesthetics of a room. However, most people don’t think about natural light inside of a bathroom. A lot of bathrooms don’t have windows inside of them. If they do, they tend to be small in size. This shouldn’t discourage you. There are still ways that you can use natural lighting in your bathroom.

Master bath renovation by BKM in Richmond, Virginia showing lots of natural lighting

Use Light Colors

Light colors have the ability to reflect natural light, which makes them a great choice when you want to increase the light of a room. If you have walls that are dark in color, this can increase the number of shadows that you see. This makes the entire room look much darker. If you’re choosing a new vanity or storage, consider purchasing white wood. This will take the brightness of the room to a whole new level. You can still bring some color into the room using towels and other décor.

Incorporate Glass

Mirrors and glass tile will reflect light that is present in your bathroom, bouncing it off other areas of the room that would otherwise appear dark. You can use glass shower doors to prevent your bathroom from having dark corners. Glass light fixtures will take the little bit of light that’s being produced and distribute it all over the room. It’s also really easy to maintain glass in a bathroom. You simply have to wipe it down periodically. Glass is naturally resistant to mold, which is a common problem in bathrooms.

Beautiful bath remodel by BK Martin in Richmond, Virginia showing natural lighting reflecting off a mirror.

Choosing the Right Fixtures and Finishes

There are all kinds of trends that are popular right now in regard to bathroom fixtures and finishes. Certain materials make a lot more sense if you’re trying to increase natural light. Metal often acts very similarly to glass with how it reflects light. Towel racks with a shiny chrome finish rather than a brushed nickel will do a better job at brightening everything up. The more wood or dark materials that you add, the less natural light you’ll be able to achieve.

Installation of a New Window

You have the option of having a new window installed in your bathroom if you don’t already have one. Of course, your bathroom has to be situated near an exterior wall in order for this to work. You can choose from a number of different window sizes, so don’t feel like it’s required for you to have a large wall space for the installation of a new window. A small custom-sized window is an option.

Draft of remodel plans by BK Martin, showing two windows added to the exterior wall of a bathroom

Adding a Skylight

Don’t discount adding some sort of window to your bathroom if you don’t have an exterior wall to work with or you don’t have a lot of blank wall space available. You can look into having a skylight installed on the ceiling of your bathroom. This will let tons of light inside since it’s right on the top of your house, and you don’t have to have a large window in order to accomplish this look. Skylights have come a long way, so they don’t leak nearly like they used to years ago.


While plants aren’t going to increase the amount of natural light that’s in your bathroom, they add a very natural aesthetic. Homeowners don’t often think about putting plants in this room of their house, but this is a room that likely has more than adequate humidity levels for a plant, and all you need is a small window in order to keep a simple house plant thriving. If you don’t have a green thumb but would like to invest in a plant that you can keep alive in your bathroom, consider a peace lily. They require minimal light, and you have to add small amounts of water at a time. If you forget to water it, the leaves will start to wilt a bit, which reminds you it’s time to grab your watering can.

Demonstrating use of a plant in a bathroom, placed on a white ceramic sink.

Using too much artificial light can not only make a room less attractive, but it can impact how you look in the mirror. You rely on the light in your bathroom to bathe, do your hair, and apply makeup. Whether you need to repair a broken window in your bathroom or you need to find alternative ways to increase natural light, you can transform your bathroom using natural light. If you would like more information on bathroom renovation ideas that can increase the natural light of your bathroom, reach out to BK Martin by visiting or by calling (804)-554-1013.